sailboat on a mooring

I’m writing this post from a laundromat. Let’s start there.

There are a handful of everyday conveniences that as a land-dweller I severely neglected and at this very moment, laundry is one that tops my list. Please keep in mind that these reasons are my own, and many a byproduct of the type of boat I live on and where in the world I live on it. For reference, this is all based on my Union Polaris 36’ sailboat that is currently on a mooring in Newport Harbor.

Laundry is annoying

I am sure those of you who live in a home with a washer +dryer are thinking, “but I think laundry is annoying too…” and you aren’t wrong. Generally, it’s a necessary evil in most of our lives. But living on a boat, that evil is exponentially worse. For us to get a load of laundry washed, it requires: (1) laundry from boat to dinghy, (2) dinghy from boat to dock, (3)laundry from dinghy into car, (4) car from dockside to laundromat – and then we reverse the process on the way home. Not to mention the hour plus of time required at the laundromat. Sigh.

It’s really not that bad. With a little forethought, I am able to productively fill my time watching the spin cycle run. This post is evidence of that. I’m starting to also think that commercial washers and dryers are God’s second-best gift to earth.

In theory, I could eliminate the laundromat altogether as there are also several methods long-term cruisers use to do laundry aboard.These will soon be a part of our everyday life once we are able to take off long-term. From what I hear it’s really not that bad if you have the right setup…

laundry room

Water shortages

Those long showers I used to take to shave my legs, relax and sometimes even lay down (anyone else, or just me?) are a thing of the past now we’re living on a boat. Showers aboard are currently not even possible, but even when they are, they sure won’t be long ones. Our sailboat is equipped with two 55-gallon fresh water tanks and with our “regular use”, they last us almost an entire month.

Have you ever done a sink full of dishes using only a few gallons of water?

When we have guests over, I cringe and bite my tongue when they wash their hands; “Do you really need to run the sink for that long just to wash your hands?!” is what I really want to yell. Please someone, tell me I’m not alone in this.

The amount of water really isn’t the big annoyance here, it’s more having to consider how much water I’m using anytime I turn the faucet on.

Small sinks are terrible

I have yet to see a boat under $500k USD that has a large sink in its galley. When rebuilding our galley, we knew we wouldn’t be able to have a crazy large sink, but we did make sure that we ordered the sink with the most depth as possible. It’s made a huge difference.

Anyone who has a nice large sink in their kitchen knows just how much joy all that space can bring. It’s easy to rinse a pot or pan, no matter the size and if you want to leave a few undone dishes in the sink, who cares! Living on a boat, this is just not the case.

Projects stare us in the face constantly – and we can’t get away from them

Any boat owners out there have that moment where you’re lying in bed about to fall asleep and then you feel a droplet of water fall onto your head. Yup. Been there. And it’s terrible.

Our boat went through an extensive restoration before we moved aboard and not all of the projects on our list have been completed. It feels like just as we cross one item off the list, another one shows up. All the small mistakes we made where paint or varnish dripped, or something was put in a little crooked, are right there to remind us each day how imperfect we are (ok, maybe a visible reminder to stay humble isn’t such a bad thing).

Slowly but surely things are coming together, and one day I know we will be reminiscing as old sailors do and say, “remember when we lived on Whistlin’Riggin’ and we had plywood as the countertops…!”

Thank you for reading all my complaints; this post was strangely therapeutic.

I’m sure a contrasting post about all the wonderful things living on a boat has brought into my life will surely come up soon.

Stay tuned for that and until then, fair winds and following seas my friends!