A rising tide lifts all boats.

None of this would be possible without our fantastic partners.

Donna Matson

Our very first and most unique partner, the contribution of Donna Matson set the foundation of what Life Neverlands has become.

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What kind of partners are we looking for?

Educational Partners

Schools, institutes, summer camps, … you get the idea. If you educate youth using any kind of platform, we’re interested in getting in touch on behalf of Neverland Ocean Learning! We are always looking to expand the number of young eyes that view and fall in love with our content.

Scientific Partners

As the founders of Neverland Ocean Learning, we use our personal blog to share the news we need ocean research scientists to make that project possible! Are you doing or have you done research on a topic related to ocean conservation, marine biology, or maritime history? We need great topics to share about! This is where you come in.

Product Partners

This is quite the undertaking, and the infrastructure we use to carry it out is at the very foundation. If we don’t have the right products to make it happen, it won’t happen! That’s why we love partnering with great brands that have reliable products.