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Sailing around the world is nothing short of the adventure of a lifetime. These posts share about the lifestyle it takes to sail the world.

Living on a boat with a dog in Southern California

We’re currently a family of two humans + one dog living on our sailboat. We live on a mooring and that means we’re not connected to shore. One of the most common topics we get asked about when talking about our lifestyle is about our dog, Kai, and what he thinks of this whole living-on-the-water thing.

Annoying things about living on a boat

I’m writing this post from a laundromat. Let’s start there. There are a handful of everyday…

Step 1 of 3 to start a boat blog: choose hosting and a domain name

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Helpful tips for living on a mooring

Whether you’ve decided to live on a mooring full-time, or you’re only out there for a…

12 sailing Instagram accounts you’ll love

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Do these five things to lower the cost of owning a boat

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How we ended up with three “free” boats

When Chad and I were given Whistlin’ Riggin’ we had to pinch ourselves. It was a better opportunity than we knew to even dream for. Time and time again since that day, we find ourselves in awe of the kindness others have shared with us.

A boat has no roots

Our trip around the world starts with a trip across the country. With over 3,000 miles under our tires and at least a mile upward through the mile-high city of Denver, Colorado, we made our way to Newport Beach, California where Whistlin’ Riggin’ was getting ahead of the game as her refit begun the week before we started driving.