Our trip around the world starts with a trip across the country. With over 3,000 miles under our tires and at least a mile upward through the mile-high city of Denver, Colorado, we made our way to Newport Beach, California where Whistlin’ Riggin’ was getting ahead of the game as her refit had already begun.


We are working alongside South Coast Shipyard to breathe a second life into Whistlin’ Riggin’, whose lungs were flexing after a lifetime of adventure with Donna Matson. By the time we arrived, the interior had been largely removed to allow for the replacement of the tankage underneath the cabin sole, installation of a new electrical system, structural reinforcement of the hull, and much more.


Have you ever seen a boat this torn apart and then been told, “In one year, this will be your home!” That’s our lofty goal for this year, and one that we are blessed to have the resources and circumstances to pursue. This post is just a short introduction to share where we are and what we’re headed towards in the next year.