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Neverland Ocean Learning is an ocean education nonprofit we started with one simple goal:


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What You Need For A DIY Boat Safety Kit

Based on experience, conversations with other boaters, and my own research, this safety kit lists the items that we’ve equipped our boat with to make sure that while aboard, everyone is safe and prepared for the worst-case scenarios.

Living on a boat with a dog in Southern California

We’re currently a family of two humans + one dog living on our sailboat. We live on a mooring and that means we’re not connected to shore. One of the most common topics we get asked about when talking about our lifestyle is about our dog, Kai, and what he thinks of this whole living-on-the-water thing.

Annoying things about living on a boat

I’m writing this post from a laundromat. Let’s start there. There are a handful of everyday…

Reasons why choosing a diesel stove for our boat was a good idea

There are a lot of opinions when it comes to the “right” or “best” way to…

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